FRAUD: Louise Linton Exposed For Lying In Her Autobiographical Book on ‘War Torn’ Zambia

Scottish Hollywood wannabe actress and recently published author, Louise Linton has run into some problems in the last 48 hours regarding her book ‘In The Shadow Of Congo’. It is an autobiographical work that tells the story of a young Linton’s time in Zambia whilst on a gap year. She describes caring for a little AIDS orphan named Zimba and how the village she where opened a school for the local children was invaded TWICE by rebel militia. The only problem with her book is, its all lies.
Linton’s book was brought to light after an article published by the Telegraph was picked up and something smelt fishy to the readers. Since catching peoples attention the story has caused outrage among Zambians, expats and the Scots alike, all demanding to know why Linton fabricated a whole book. She describes herself as a ‘skinny white muzungu with angel white hair’ which is very telling of her imperialist attitude where she paints herself to be a savior. The story sounds much more like the scenes from Hotel Rwanda, Blood Diamonds or dare I say Disney’s The Jungle Book.
ย Zambia has many times been described as a safe haven and one of the only countries in Africa to have never had civil war. However in her book, Linton details how she encountered child militia and UN soldiers on the way to the capital city, Lusaka. The UN have never had peace intervention in Zambia and there has never been child militia or machete yielding rebels, it just simply isn’t true.

ย Outraged people have left angry reviews on her books amazon page, Facebook fan page and Twitter, though she is yet to respond. The hashtag #LintonLies has caught steam and she is currently being dragged on all social media platforms. It is this attitude towards Africa that keeps perpetuating negative stereotypes. This could have been detrimental to the tourism of this developing country, merely for an interesting story.
Watch this space for updates.

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