The Day I Became A Real Feminist…


Justice For Nagaad and Fight Against GBV March – Kafue Roundabout

Just over 72 hours ago I was sent a video in my Facebook inbox of a woman being beaten and sexually assaulted by a gang of men, one of which was her boyfriend Chi Chi,a well know DJ in Kafue, Zambia. They had been out in Kafue and had gotten into an argument, like any couple. Unfortunately this fight ended in her being punched, kicked and knocked unconscious whilst others looked on and the assault worsened. The gang stepped on the half naked woman’s genitals and taunted her, nobody came to her defense as her body lay bloodied and bruised.

It touched me. So much so that I started an online petition on and used the Facebook group already started to form a Whatsapp group. With my sister, I organised a march which took place on Saturday and we had around 15 women attend. (see pictures). We made it onto the 6:00pm, and all this within 72 hours of seeing the video.

Its now Monday and I have been on auto-pilot since seeing this video and I am yet to really process it but this is one of the first times in my life that I have really grieved for another woman. I’ve heard stories of women being brutalized all over the world which disgusted me but I never looked at the fact that these were women suffering at the hands of men and that this was Gender Based Violence. This is the first time I’ve seen women as the victims they really are. Something has been sparked in me and I’m determined to see this through to the end. Gender Based Violence (GBV) is a gigantic problem in Zambia and affects 89% of women, that’s astonishing!

I’m now on a new mission in life. To END GBV.

Watch the news clip here

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