4 Reasons Why I Stopped Worrying About Being a Singleton

Being single can be hard at times but there are many reasons why you shouldn’t worry. Below I have listed 4 reminders of why being single can be fun and sometimes practical. If your reading this because you’ve just received a wedding invite for the 4th time this month or you’ve just broken up with that you thought was ‘the one’, keep reading!


1.Spending tooΒ much time worrying about being in a relationship stops you from enjoying being single!

Being in a relationship is great, you have someone to love, care for and hangout with, BUT being single also has it’s perks. No having to argue about what film to watch during Netflix and chill, no having to share your last Rolo and on a serious note you have time to test the waters and kiss some frogs, maybe. Dating can be stressful but it can also be fun, never take yourself too seriously or think your going to meet the man or woman of your dreams right away. Rather go crazy on Tinder, ask your friends if they know any hot guys/girls to set you up on a blind date with or go out with friends and an open mind. I’ve always thought a bar is probably the worse place to find a husband/wife but it can be great place to meet a decent human being who you can enjoy a good coffee with sometime.

2. Everybody meets the right person at the right time!

You can’t rush fate and I believe love is the work of fate, not cupid. Being too focused on time can sink you into a deep depression when your looking for the one. In life you can choose what to focus on and if being single is getting you down, then directing your attention and energy to something else is what you need. Patience is everything in these type of situations and its always advisable to not look at your married friends with kids, that’s their time, your own time is coming. When it does arrive it will more than likely make sense to you why you were single before.

3. Why waste time focusing on love when you can focus on success?!

What success means varies when it comes to people, my view is your personal ambitions are your own. So whilst your single, why don’t you focus on your accomplishments instead of worrying about your biological clock ticking away? Being single is a great time to focus on you and your goals so put the negative thoughts to the back of your mind and bring forth the productive attitude. You will be surprised how someone may walk into your life just when your not looking or expecting it.

4. Dealing with F-Boys/Girls can be exhausting!

Most of us have dealt with what can be described as an F-boy or girl and we can all agree that its one of the most frustrating experiences. Since the world began looking up to ‘men’ like Tyga and girls like Kylie Jenner and her older half sister (I don’t say her name incase it summons a demon), the dating market has been flooded with F-boys and girls alike. If you are a mature individual who doesn’t play games in relationships then you will know how off putting an encounter with one of these ‘beings’ can be. In most cases normal individuals that are unlucky enough to date an F-boy or girl end up feeling deflated and un-trusting of the dating world, usually retreating. The goodness of being single is you know you don’t have to deal with this type of bullshit. No missed call me backs, ignored texts, rain checked date nights, broken promises or any other negative behavior that comes with the territory. You can sleep soundly at night knowing your single and don’t have to deal with that.


So if you have been waiting for the one and began to grow impatient just remind yourself that being single isn’t the end of the world. It has its perks and after all we can’t force love, right? Enjoy this time you have alone because one day soon your worries may be changing nappies, buying home insurance and giving up your sporty car for a people carrier! Mr or Mrs Right could be right around the corner!


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