Fashion Archives – 1.9.2014

Designer: Katowa Designs 2014 ‘KaGirlo’ Collection
Photo cred: Shee Kayza

This is one from the archives during my last 3 month trip to Africa in 2014,  I had some fun, laughter and tears (I saw a hairy caterpillar in the house). I finally got to meet the fashion elite of Zambia at a monthly event called ‘Fashion Fridays’. It had great sponsors, including the Zambian Fashion Council.

Kutowa Designs launched their ‘KaGirlo’ collection which simply means ‘A Girl’ in the local language, Nyanja. The line was inspired by Marilyn Monroe and being the biggest Marilyn Monroe fan in the entire universe EVER, I failed to see where her essence was captured, sorry not sorry. Though any attempt at embodying Marilyn is always a fail to me no matter who is doing it! However I did see where she captured the style of young African fashion forward women, a job well done. 

I’m glad to see that Africa is starting to embrace the fashion forward. I’m a huge fan of African print and incorporating it with modern fashion styles is like bread and butter…yummy! There are many brands serving up the best in African fashion including ‘Vala’, a Lusaka based boutique. The more I see the more I want and I’m proud to be a young African fashionista!

Check them out by clicking the links below

Kutowa Designs



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